Double Ended Braid Extensions

Express yourself

Want your braid style to last longer than one application?

Try Double Ended Braid Extensions! 

Double ended Braid extensions come in Small or Medium size.

Double ended braids are two braids in one, these are folded in the middle and attached by one side, great for fuller looking braid style.

These are only temporary, lasting a recommended time frame of 3 months in your natural hair causing no damage.

They are easy to maintain, easy to remove and will last forever letting you apply them over and over again.

To install the extensions at least 10cm of hair is required 


Quarter head

Half Head

Full Head

Prices do not include install

Installation $50-$100 

If you have your own extensions (not created by LadyAlyse)

Installation $50 hr (2-4hrs)

Non refundable deposits are required on all orders.

All orders are custom made by Lady Alyse to suit you.